Milana is an extraordinarily creative and artistic individual with uncanny capacity for understanding the needs of people and animals alike.

She is third generation Eastern European Intuitive Healer with over 40 years of practical experience in Metaphysics.

She is a Light Worker, Intuitive Artist/Photographer, Author, Life Skills Coach, Enlightenment Coach, Spiritual Healer, Animal Empath, Reiki Master. Operating from a place of integrity, authenticity and empowerment, Milana has exceptionally perceptive and empathic abilities which enable her to pinpoint the exact needs of her clients. Her intuitive accuracy is uncanny and her sense of humor and positive outlook empowers and motivates those she works with.

Milana ensures that the information received by her clients provides a well-rounded holistic approach to their life and well-being. She helps individuals achieve their optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals by gently guiding them to tap directly into their Spiritual Core and the Universe. Milana is a published author and has been a guest speaker at numerous events, as well as on radio and television shows. She offers a perfect blend of Life Skills/Counselling/Coaching knowledge combined with Intuitive Gifts. Her clients experience a powerful, enlightened and unforgettable journey of transformation.