Join us for a 60 minute stretch and strength class where we will connect breath with movement and take one guilt free hour for ourselves. During this hour we will learn a variety of yoga postures with modifications, increase our balance, strengthen our core and relax the mind. Meditations at the beginning and end will be provided as we become blissed out on our mats. Please bring a mat, comfortable clothing and a water bottle if required.


Let the Bent Willow help you feel less stressed, more focused, more aware and more mindful with easy relaxation and meditation techniques that will increase your energy, increase happiness and allow for improved sleep quality. 60 minutes of guided meditation, indoor walking meditation and group discussion followed by tea will provide a sense of community, increased self-assurance and a more balanced lifestyle. This is a judgement free zone and everyone is welcome.


Hypnosis is a heightened state of suggestibility, usually brought about by way of a hypnotic induction.  It is also describe as a natural state of selective, focused attention, that is 100% natural and normal, however, it remains one of the most fascinating phenomena of the human mind. Our ability to enter this unique state of consciousness opens the door to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration and change. Upon emerging from the hypnotic state, clients normally feel very refreshed, relaxed, and motivated regarding the changes they are making in their life.


In a cozy classroom setting, learn to expand your horizons....create intention....manifest your desires....and release your creative potential.  Build what's trending.....create items that not only inspire you, but nourish your body and soul.

If you have an idea of your own that you would like to share, talk to us about renting our space for your own workshop.


Is a safe and natural healing therapy by which energy is channeled to the client through the practitioner.  This energy in turn stimulates the clients own healing processes within the body on four different levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.